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At Tooly, we specialize in service companies. Our many years of experience in the service industry allow us to help these businesses in many ways. Garages are a type of business with which we have a special relationship. A large number of car repair centers have placed their trust in us over the years, and our expertise has enabled us to deliver results that live up to their expectations.


Marketing plays a major role in a company’s visibility. It’s always been essential to represent your brand and company in the right way, but in the digital age, it’s more important than ever.

At Tooly, we specialize in digital marketing and offer many services that can help you improve your online presence, stand out from the competition and acquire more customers, in order to improve your local visibility.


We can leverage Google Ads to help you improve your company’s visibility on the Internet and appear among the top Google search results on highly competitive queries.

SEO (search engine optimization) audit and optimization

We can assess your SEO strategy and help you optimize it to place your company at the top of natural search results (results not influenced by targeted advertising). You don’t need to set a media budget, just spend a little time on SEO optimization.

Advertising on social networks

We can help you create advertising campaigns on your social networks to raise your profile and build an engaged community that will become a true ambassador for your brand.

Google my Business and Google Maps optimization

We can help you optimize your Google my Business profile to allow you to appear among the first results on Google Maps when a potential customer urgently needs your services.


We know that, because of time constraints, many auto repair shops tend to neglect the importance of investing in a modern, customized website. However, it’s an essential part of standing out in today’s digital age, and a good website can be an opportunity to outperform your competitors.

The benefits

We offer this service to help you design a new site or modernize an existing one (website redesign). Whether you need to improve your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, write new content, refine existing content or perfect your brand image, you can count on our team of specialists in SEO copywriting, design, translation and development. We can also set up a blog for you and write articles to rank you higher on specific searches, showing your expertise to users who don’t know you.

A case study : Aubin Auto

Aubin Auto, a Point S garage franchise specializing in the sale of used vehicles and tires, called on us to update its website. Our team wrote content to add new pages to the site, and improved the design and user experience. We even added a store page to showcase the company’s used tire catalog.

Software recommendation

At Tooly, we specialize in recommending softwares tailored to your needs. Here are some things we can do to help you save time and money:

Automate appointment reminders by text message;

Enable customers to buy your services online (tire change, oil change, etc.);

Select the right telephony software;

Simplify management of calendars and schedules;

Acquire customers or employees with a modern website;

Renew your maintenance services and create online quotes;

Manage your work orders;

Manage notifications sent to your customers.

Grant support

Did you know that there are grants available to help you benefit from our services at a lower cost? Subsidies from Emploi Québec and the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) are easy to obtain, and Tooly can help you through the process.

A case study : VE Montréal

Québec-based VE Montréal, which specializes in the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles, asked us to help them get grants to help with their digital transformation. With our knowledge and expertise in subsidies, we helped VE Montréal easily obtain grants from Emploi Québec and the CDAP.

Software integration

Not only can we recommend the best softwares for your needs, we can also help you integrate them (i.e. connect the softwares together). Here are a few things we can do to help you with integrations:

Connect Shopmonkey to other in-house softwares, such as an accounting or a sales software;

Connect requests or sales from your website to your DMS (dealer management system).

We’ve also created our own software, Kapi, which we can easily integrate with other softwares you’re already using.

A case study : VE Montréal

We helped the VE Montréal team by integrating our software, Kapi, with the software Shopmonkey, which they were already using to manage all their operations. VE Montréal’s main objective was to increase the efficiency of their online service reservation process, allowing them to save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction. Thanks to Kapi, our online sales software, VE Montréal was able to:

Automate their submission process;

Offer dynamic pricing based on customers’ cars and needs;

Enable customers to book services online based on the actual availabilities of the garage.

Thanks to this integration, VE Montréal’s customers can now book maintenance and repair services online quickly and easily, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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