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Web design agency in Montreal

Your website is the main element of your digital transformation. Our teams intervene in the redesign or creation of your website. Our expertise allows you to increase your notoriety, to put forward your brand image and to present your services and products, but also to increase your sales or to stimulate applications. 

Brand image

A company's identity increases in importance over the years. How the public perceives your company allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and ensure that your target audience doesn't forget you. Our experts study your market, your ecosystem, your story and your values to design a unique global identity (your DNA).

Catch your audience's eye!

A better user experience

Your users are at the heart of the design process. Creating a successful user experience means ensuring that all events are thought out so that the user spends the maximum amount of time on your site and performs the desired actions. At every stage of the design process, our experts' goal is to build the most comfortable, secure and intuitive experience possible for your users.

Operate an efficient virtual tool!

A website that stands out thanks to its web design

Our Web designers are talented! They are able to create custom designs that respect your brand image, user experience and web best practices. Their work will make your users want to come back to your site and will show your company in its best light. You can be proud to show your work!

Impress your customers!

A site at the top of the search results thanks to SEO writing

A website is not only about showcasing your services and products, but also about getting results. Our web writing experts write optimized content that will help you appear ahead of your competitors when your audience does a research. By accelerating your website's search engine optimisation (SEO), your users will be more likely to be converted into customers through engaging content.

Put your website in 1st position on Google!

Web development for an easy to maintain website

Our Web developers ensure that your website is secure and easily scalable. We integrate the functionalities that are specific to you by adapting them to your challenges and your organization. The whole of the work of Web development is with the service of the perenniality of your company.

Update your website easily!

Website maintenance and hosting

We are committed to keeping your site healthy and optimizing its performance. We provide you with the best hosting solutions for your website so that it remains fast and functional over the long term.

Improve the performance of your website!

Web project management

We accompany you in the creation of your specifications. Our project managers structure all the steps of your project by advising you on future operations and proposing changes adapted to your new needs. Our project management makes the steps of your website creation accessible.

Start your web project with our team!

With a website, the possibilities are endless!

At Tooly, we can create a website to match your ambitions. Your imagination is the only limit! Need some inspiration? We will help you visualize your website concept.

Websites that we have designed and developed

Ramonage Rimouski

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Construction Morrissette

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screencapture-navigateursteluce-2023-11-17-09_46_39 1

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Sequoia Data

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screencapture-destinationshorizons-a-propos-2023-11-17-09_54_52 1

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screencapture-navigateurmillerand-2023-11-17-09_45_09 1

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You don't know the relevance of creating a website for your business?

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