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Our experts help service companies use technology to seize growth opportunities.
Exceed your goals with a successful digital transformation.

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In our specialized webinars, you will discover : 

How to obtain a grant of up to $15,000;

How to sell your services online.

The best digital transformation experience

Tooly supports your services company at every stage, from the choice of your softwares to their integration and implementation, including the training of your teams.

Take control of your technologies

Offer your teams a unique support thanks to trainers who specialize in softwares.

Our training sessions will allow your teams to easily adopt your solutions.

Our courses are accessible and our trainers are pedagogical.

We give you all the cards in hand to develop your independence on your digital solutions.

A proven method

Are you a growing services company looking for a technology partner?

We can accompany you in your digital transformation!

Thanks to our expertise, our growth has been meteoric. Our desire is to put our skills at the service of your company.

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The advantages of doing business with Tooly

Are you a growing services company looking for a technology partner? 

Tooly is here for you!

We have grown tremendously through our expertise, and now we want to share our knowledge with you.


Save between 5 and 20 hours per week by automating your processes.

Employee wellness

Train to work better. Modernize your software for new generations.


Our aim is to ensure that you don't need us after we've finished working with you. We make you independent!

Strong growth

Our clients have seen their service businesses grow four times faster with our support.

Some examples of processes that we master

Some examples of processes that we master

The guarantees of a support with Tooly

Time saving

You will save at least 10 hours of your time by taking advantage of our free software recommendation offer adapted to your needs.


We will be happy to introduce you to
our customers who will testify
about their digital transformation experience.

Time tracking

You will get a detailed report of the hours recorded. Our goal is to bring you the most value possible, in the least amount of time.

Say goodbye to difficulties

Waste of time

Automate your processes and avoid manual entry caused by unconnected/unsynchronized softwares.

Unnecessary expenses

Solutions tailored to your needs will prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars on softwares you don't use.

Endless research

Don't waste your time finding the right software and stop worrying about acronyms (SAAS, CRM, ERP, POS, PMS, CMS, PSA, etc.)

Are you facing a labor shortage?

Tooly is here for you!
There are many software applications that can help you grow despite this shortage. Increase your productivity and automate your processes to ensure your growth.

Need financial help?

Government partnership

We are certified as an official advisor of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) by the Quebec and Canadian governments. 

Therefore, we can help you obtain grants to fund our digital transformation services.

We also design websites!

Case study - AssistIQ website

AssistIQ's website lives up to their lofty mission of making healthcare more affordable and sustainable. Our teams addressed their need for credibility, recruitment and education by creating a responsive and customized website.


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