A digital expertise dedicated to services companies

Our experts help service companies use technology to seize growth opportunities.
Exceed your goals with a successful digital transformation.

The best digital transformation experience

Tooly supports your services company at every stage, from the choice of your softwares to their integration and implementation, including the training of your teams.

Are you experiencing a labour shortage?

Tooly is here for you!
Several software programs can help you
to grow despite this shortage. Increase
your productivity and automate your
processes to ensure your growth.

Take control of your technologies

Offer your teams a unique support thanks to trainers who specialize in softwares.

Our training courses are accessible
and will allow your teams
to use your softwares easily.

Thanks to our trainers,
you will have all the cards in hand
to master your digital solutions.

choose us?

Are you a growing services company looking for a technology partner?
We can help you with your digital transformation!
Thanks to our expertise, our growth has been tremendous, and we want to put our skills at the service of your company.

The benefits of doing business with Tooly

Automation of manual tasks

Save between 5 and 20 hours per week by automating your processes.

Wellness of employees

Train to work better. Modernize
your softwares for the new generations.

Fast growth

Our clients have seen their services comapnies grow four times faster with our support.


Our goal is that
you don't need
us anymore at the end of our coaching.
We make you independent!

Here are some of the processes
that we master


  •  Simplify and automate invoice creation
  • Simplify and automate the creation of submissions
  • Simplify and automate the creation of purchase orders
  • Digitize and automate the contract signing process
  • Automate the taking of payments from your customers

Customer retention

  •  Simplify and automate customer service
  • Simplify and automate your customers' change requests during production
  • Automate the scheduling of appointments with your customers
  • Automate reminders to reach your potential customers

Management of human resources

  •  Simplify work order distribution and scheduling
  • Simplify recruiting management
  • Digitize and simplify employees' time entry


  • Digitize and simplify inventory tracking
  • Automate the creation of efficient routes for field teams

The warranties of our support

Time saving

Save at least 10 hours by taking advantage of our free softwares recommendation offer tailored to your needs.


Read the testimonials of customers
satisfied with their
digital transformation experience.

Time tracking

Get a detailed report of hours logged. Our goal is to create as much value as possible, in a minimum amount of time.

Say goodbye
to these challenges

Waste of time

Automate your processes and avoid manual entry caused by unconnected/unsynchronized softwares.

Unnecessary expenses

Solutions tailored to your needs will prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars on softwares you don't use.

Endless research

Don't waste your time finding the right software and stop worrying about acronyms (SAAS, CRM, ERP, POS, PMS, CMS, PSA, etc.)

It only takes us 30 minutes to change your your daily life

Ask for a free appointment of
30 minutes with one of our experts
and take the chance to change your daily life!

This is just an overview of what Tooly
can do for you.

Contact us for more information!


Tooly's actions speak louder than words! Our general contracting business needed their expertise. Their teams are always cheerful and passionate about their work. We recommend their website design support, Google Workspace training and software recommendations. Working with Tooly has been super easy and enjoyable.

Sandra Laroche

Administrative Assistant
Les Constructions Morrissette