Business optimization and information technology consulting

In a constantly evolving world, where economic, technological and social changes are accelerating, companies face unprecedented challenges. To navigate this complex and competitive environment, adopting the business analysis process becomes crucial.

This systematic approach helps to understand organizational needs, identify optimal solutions and effectively manage change. By integrating this practice, businesses can anticipate trends, optimize their processes, make informed strategic decisions, stand out, innovate and prosper in an ever-changing business landscape. Business analysis is therefore an essential strategic lever for any organization aiming for excellence and sustainability.

Our analysts follow the highest industry standards

Armed with industry best practices, our business analysts are committed to delivering innovative solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs.

Thanks to their mastery of fundamental skills such as precision, objectivity and a strong capacity for collaboration, they foster a human and personalized approach. Relying on modern tools and approved methodologies, such as the Rivard Method in Business Systems and the BABOK® Guide (Guide to the Analysis Body of Knowledge®), our business analysis experts ensure an in-depth understanding of business issues and design customized strategies to effectively drive change and maximize value for all stakeholders.

A business analysis with numerous benefits for your organization

Reduced costs

One of the main objectives of process optimization is to eliminate waste and reduce costs. By identifying inefficiencies in existing processes and implementing changes, organizations can save time and money, enabling them to operate more efficiently and allocate resources more effectively.

Improved efficiency

Process optimization helps companies identify bottlenecks, redundancies and other obstacles to productivity. By streamlining workflows and implementing best practices, organizations can improve efficiency and increase overall production.

Improved quality and consistency

By standardizing processes and eliminating variations, process optimization can lead to improved quality and consistency of products and services. This, in turn, can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased competitive advantage

Organizations that invest in process optimization can gain a competitive edge over their rivals. By improving efficiency, cutting costs and enhancing the quality of their services, businesses can differentiate themselves in the marketplace and attract new customers.

Reduced risks

By avoiding errors and recovery tasks through better management, process optimization improves the overall quality of results and end products, reducing the associated risks.

Improved collaboration

Process optimization improves collaboration and connections between driving, strategic and management processes, leading to better results and increased productivity.

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Human support focused on collaboration

Business analysis is undeniably a complex process, often perceived as a series of arduous and technical tasks. However, with our approach, coaching is essentially directed towards people and collaboration. We recognize that you are the experts in your own organization. That’s why our method is based on co-creation and teamwork, with an emphasis on open exchange.

Unlike some business analysts who prioritize speed over quality, we avoid overwhelming you with generic documents and prefabricated solutions. Our aim is not to give you a stack of papers you’ll never read. We prefer to establish a sustainable work rhythm, tailored to your organization, to support you effectively during the change process. We are available for you every step of the way, helping you to implement the processes we recommend. In this way, we transform business analysis into a rewarding experience, where your voice is not only heard but also meaningfully integrated into the change process.

Software recommendations to optimize your processes

The efficiency of your business processes depends on the right choice of softwares. Poorly adapted softwares can lead to major inefficiencies, increasing costs and reducing productivity. Selecting and configuring business software packages are complex tasks that require a great deal of attention, and can extend over several months, especially in large companies.

Our expertise offers you specialized assistance to help you navigate this evolution. We identify the softwares best suited to your processes, ensuring seamless integration. With our support, you can avoid common traps such as acquiring unsuitable solutions, and make a sound IT investment that optimizes your processes and improves your productivity. Our aim is to provide you with scalable solutions to support your company’s future growth.

Our experience with service companies

Tooly has always been a digital transformation agency specializing in service companies.

Why? Our knowledge of the service industries enables us to offer you customized expertise for the different facets of your business: accounting, project management, sales management, resource management, onboarding processes, marketing strategies development and website optimization. Our experienced business analysts bring new technologies and a customized approach to transform your processes while minimizing the risks associated with your industry.

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