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Our ZOHO experts can help you if

You want to get the most out of your data and make sure you exploit the full potential of your Zoho suite;

You have specific needs, and want to adapt Zoho to your processes and build a customized solution;

You perform repetitive tasks and want to set up automations; within a Zoho application, between several Zoho applications or between Zoho and other systems;

You’re looking for training and coaching tailored to your level of advancement.

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Integrations and automations that optimize your processes

Optimize your marketing strategy with Zoho

Zoho Analytics

  • Explore a dedicated table to evaluate your customers’ average basket throughout the year;
  • Use a specific table to identify the product most purchased by a specific category of customers over time (by week, month, year);
  • Get complete visibility of sales in a given sector.

Zoho CRM

  • Develop a marketing attribution system for events and webinars, maximizing the effectiveness of your event-based approach;
  • Integrate your Linkedin campaigns with Zoho CRM, enabling automatic lead generation and smooth management of your sales pipeline.

Zoho Campaign

  • Optimize your communication in emailing campaigns with the creation of a sales funnel on Zoho Campaigns.

Sell better with Zoho

Zoho Books

  • Ensure a smooth migration by transferring all your accounting software data to Zoho Books;
  • Seamlessly integrate WooCommerce with Zoho Books or Zoho Inventory to enable automatic creation of customers, orders, invoices and payments.

Zoho Booking

  • Simplify your billing process by automating the creation and dispatch of an invoice when your customer books a paid appointment with Zoho Booking.

Zoho Sign

  • Simplify your contract management by setting up automatic dispatch. In addition, once the contract has been signed, it is automatically saved in your customer file.

Zoho CRM

  • Automate the movement of your opportunity in Zoho CRM to the “won” status and automatically send an invoice or a deposit request to the customer;
  • Automate the creation of a lead in Zoho CRM when a form is submitted on your website.
  • Build an API bridge between two CRMs and two Zoho Books for seamless integration and efficient data synchronization. The bridge takes a request or message from one software and transmits it to the other, automatically and in real time;
  • Take advantage of intelligent forms for calculating quotes, simplifying the process and improving the accuracy of estimates;
  • Automate text message reminders to ensure effective communication and optimal customer interactions;
  • Set up a referral and commission system to stimulate business growth and reward successful partnerships.

Build customer loyalty with Zoho

Zoho Forms

  • Design a form in Zoho Forms that, once completed by a customer, triggers various automations for efficient information management;
  • Automate the sending of a satisfaction survey at the end of a mandate to gather customer feedback quickly and efficiently.

Increase your productivity with Zoho

Zoho Cliq

  • Optimize your financial workflow by automatically adding customers to your accounting softwares. Eliminate manual tasks and ensure efficient synchronization between your customer data and your accounting software.

Zoho Projects

  • Simplify your project management by automating project creation in Zoho Projects.

Accelerate your growth with Zoho

Zoho Cliq

  • Facilitate internal communication within Zoho Cliq, by automatically sending a message providing a weekly report on achieved sales, including details of contributors.

Zoho Projects

  • Use a bar graph to clearly distinguish between banked and planned hours for a project, providing a precise visualization of resource planning.

Zoho Analytics

  • Get a detailed overview of sales in dollars, generated per person and per customer over 2-week periods, based on customers’ hourly rates;
  • Consult a table dedicated to hours worked by type of expertise, such as marketing, business analysis, integration, etc..;
  • Take advantage of a table to calculate the percentage of employee time associated with billable hours, enabling an accurate assessment of time use.

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