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What is digital transformation?

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Digital transformation is about putting the latest technologies to work for your business to dramatically increase your chances of success. Sometimes also referred to as "digital transformation", it refers to the process of fully integrating these technologies into the heart of your ecosystem. In short, it aims at the in-depth change of an organization through the integration of digital technologies to all its business processes, communications and activities.


What strategy should you adopt to radically transform your service business? 

For a long time now, companies have been trying, sometimes unsuccessfully, to use new information and communication technologies to modernize themselves and make their service offerings more competitive. Digital transformation is not just a novelty that is being tested, but a process that goes much further, sometimes even completely reinventing the business model. 

Every company needs to adopt a unique digital transformation strategy that is tailored to its situation. However, all successful digital transformations meet these two criteria: 

  • Start the process by thinking about the ideal customer experience.
  • Adopt a global approach for all sectors of the company. 



The objectives of the digital transformation


Automating your business

It allows you to do more with less and help retain your employees. Today, everything can be automated to increase productivity. Thanks to our integrations, our customers' automations allow them to be on average 40% more productive.


Increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be at the heart of your digital transformation. Your customers today are looking for a new level of customer service. They want an ongoing relationship, not a series of isolated benefits. It will serve to enrich your value proposition by providing them with a personalized experience and offering. The buying experience is the most important criteria today, ahead of price and diversity of the offer. Several aspects of digital transformation can improve this buying experience. For example, optimizing customer service, automating billing, automating alerts for service renewals or delays of your employees on the residence and many other techniques that allow your customers to benefit from a better experience when doing business with you.


A real time system 

This notion allows you to remove the temporal brakes of the users towards your company and to tighten the links with your customers. Let's take the example of a user browsing your website. Using some software, you can find out what they are doing, what problem they are having and if they have filled out and submitted a form to be contacted. With all this information, it will only take you a few minutes to interpret the data at your disposal and make changes, if necessary, or respond to the customer's request.  


Increase employee satisfaction

Digital transformation greatly supports the relationship you have with your customers, but not only. Your employees are the first to benefit from it on a daily basis. Before asking them for more productivity, automate some of their tedious tasks to free up their time for more complex tasks and be more efficient on their various projects. If your employees are satisfied, you will also see benefits on your performance. Moreover, in this period of labor shortage, it is important to retain your talent so that you can focus on new hires instead of replacements, to grow faster. 



Now anyone can work from anywhere in the world. With the right technology, you can train your employees to use it, making them more efficient and autonomous on a daily basis. It will then be easier for you to offer your services to more people, on a larger territory.


Increase payment speed and reduce errors

Once you get to the payment of a customer, the hardest part is behind you. It's a shame to lose a customer at this stage, yet it happens far too often. The solution is very simple to put in place! Like our customers, once you have tested it on your first sales of services, you will ask yourself why you didn't do it before. There are many solutions tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to offer multiple payment options, automate reminders and renewals, automate the creation and sending of quotes and invoices, and customize the price according to the service, seasons and customers. 


A long-term vision

The Internet has already been an important part of our lives for several years and the new generations are using it more than ever. Your clientele will soon be composed of these new generations who will place even more importance on digitization when they need your services. 


Improving safety

Security for a business is as important as health for a human. If there is a breach in your security, the life of your company is compromised. Digital transformation also involves optimizing your financial, technological, and legal security. If you're not just doing it for yourself, do it for your customers as well. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness among all individuals of the importance of securing personal data. It is your duty to respect the trust they have placed in you. 



Financial aid for your digital transformation 

Did you know that there are several grants available to help you achieve your digital transformation? The Quebec and Canadian governments have understood that small and medium-sized businesses are in urgent need of financial assistance to meet the new expectations of their customers and remain competitive in industries where competition is important. 

Tooly has assisted hundreds of clients with their grant applications for free. On average, our clients get 50-85% reimbursement for their digital transformation within 2-3 weeks. 

Now you have no excuses to start your digital transformation! 

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