Why are our experts
specialized in
services companies?

Before they even reached the legal age, Tooly's founders had created several services companies. Therefore, they understand the day-to-day problems of services providers better than anyone else.

In concrete terms,
what is a services company?

They are societies that offer services, professional or otherwise, to other companies or to individuals.

Unlike commercial companies, they are essentially characterized by the provision of technical or intellectual services.

Their activities are designed to put their expertise at the service of their clients.

However, this sector is facing certain problems

A lack of expertise in technology

Services companies rarely have employees with I.T. skills. These companies deserve to be supported by specialized professionals who master their processes.

A labour shortage

Labor is becoming scarce and services companies need to digitize themselves in order to gain productivity and be able to do more with less.

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Why are we passionate about
service companies?

Because services companies rarely have employees who are qualified in I.T, and we want to be the specialized professionals who help them master their processes. 

Because the market for services companies is growing and we are convinced that we can be one of the main players.

Because we like to save them

Thanks to our teams, you can devote all your time to the things that really matter to your business. Benefit from a turnkey formula to automate your processes, simplify your organization, centralize your needs in a single software and delegate training.

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