Our story

Born out of the desire to simplify the digital transformation of VSEs and SMEs

Tooly was born in 2018 from a simple observation: choosing the appropriate softwares can be a real headache. Professionals and service companies can waste a lot of money and valuable time looking for and choosing the right softwares.

Building on this observation, our founders, seasoned professionals in the world of service companies, decided to create an agency to simplify and optimize this process in order to allow entrepreneurs to focus on actions that can bring them more value.

Promises that make all the difference!

Your digital transformation is our commitment.

Services with proven profitability

We make sure that every action we take generates a positive return on investment (ROI) for your company.

Autonomy at the heart of your transformation

Our experts train and coach your teams so they can use the implemented digital tools autonomously.

Objective, independent recommendations

Our business analysts suggest software solutions tailored to your needs, without favoring our partner Zoho.

Some of the prizes we have won

Winner of the Order of the Unicorn from Centech
J'entreprends Québec Sky Pitch Winner

Winner of the Order of the Unicorn from Centech J'entreprends Québec Sky Pitch Winner

Selected for the City of Montreal's innovation course

Selected for the first cohort of the NOVARÉ program

AQT's Young Businesses fellowship

Here are some of the hundreds of customers we have served

People at the heart
of digital transformation

Our values

Our actions and decisions are guided by fundamental values

Time is our most precious resource. Invest yours and others' with care, keeping the end in mind.

We always support people and help them grow. No one is left behind in our quest for success.

Bad news don't get better with time. We take responsibility for our mistakes, communicate them and learn from them.

Our ambition knows no bounds, but our focus is laser sharp.

Tooly is hiring!

Our values speak to you?

We’re looking for passionate, committed talents to join our teams. If you share our values and want to contribute to innovative projects, don’t hesitate to send us your resumé, even if the job of your dreams isn’t available yet! We’re always on the lookout for promising new profiles.