Our story

Tooly was created in 2019 when its founders realized that choosing the right softwares can makeVSEs and SMEs lose a lot of time andmoney. The founders came up with a solution to this problem, which has been awarded many times (Centech, Sky Pitch, etc.). In just one year, Tooly had already reached $1 million in revenue and as of 2021, the team has over 30 employees.


Today, we have covered all facets of this problem, especially with the automation of software recommendations based on 75 business parameters. While keeping the essence of Tooly, we can diversify our field of expertise by responding to new problems, such as transforming the e-commerce of services companies.

What makes us passionate at Tooly?

We like to abolish the waste of time related to software choices and repetitive tasks, which we automate.

We like to implement the software for our customers to avoid making mistakes.

We like to put people at the heart of new technologies.
We like to recommend the best softwares for your needs.
We like to help and accompany our clients to reach goals that live up to their ambitions.

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from the start!

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